Rings & Finger Intertwine

Are you the type of person who wears rings on any finger it fits? Or you just happened to be a single lady no more because someone liked it and puta finger on it? The ring finger is the most common placement, but not all rings are custom to fit it just by its name. You could think that a ring is just too big not to tightly surround anyfinger other than the thumb. Other rings stop blood flow because of too much tightness around the middle finger, you are afraid it can’t be taken off.Bear in mind that rings come in different sizes so they are designed for certain finger placements,also.There are symbolisms represented by every finger you can put a ring on.

Thumb finger

Obviously, the thumb is the fattest and shortest finger among the five. It is also the most unaligned finger of them all. It shows your strength in character and willpower as reflected by its bigger and wider appearance.There is a moderate gap between the thumb and the index finger so wearing a ring on it doesn’t touch other fingers.For a thumb ring, choose somethings that suits it shape and size like a black onyx ring. Just picture being the captain of a pirate ship and banging your hand at the wooden furnace demands attention from the crew.

Index fingerAside from the approval of a thumbs up, the index finger is used to raise a point. To highlight and elaborate an instruction, the person uses the index finger as a gesture.In turn, this finger signifies authority and confidence. A ring on it shows you regard yourself with high-esteem.Bright silver stones are a normal choice for the index finger.

Middle finger

What we know about the middle finger is probably just an alternative of a cuss word. On contrary, the symbolism behind the middle finger is actually deeper.Putting a ring on the third finger means appreciating your individuality. There is balance in embracing your true identity and being open to areas of improvement as it is the center.It’s not hard to see why because it’s visibly the tallest and boldest finger. It’s astrologically connected to Saturn which is composed of lead, a gray metal, so something similar to buy at jewellery shops Adelaide could be a cobalt ring.

Ring finger

Engagement rings, eternity rings, wedding rings symbolizes lifetime affection.Just like those rings, the ring finger pretty much symbolizes a sacred union. In some cultures, the ring on the fourth finger might stand for engagement while the left fourth finger implies marriage.Most wedding rings are very simple with maybe a cursive etching or tiny gem.As romance is also ignited by creativity and aesthetic, it is linked to Earth’s silver moon.

Pinky finger