A Must Read Fashion Etiquette Guide For Women

We have all seen trendy outfits on celebrities and models. You would have then been sure that one of those styles called out for you. But after trying it on you would realize that it doesn’t flatter your figure at all. Furthermore, there could even be some instances when others have made negative comments about outfits that you love. But you need to understand that fashion is not only following the trends out there. Instead, it is dressing in a manner which suits your body. However, we understand that this may sound confusing to some individuals. That is because they have seen celebrities looking good wearing anything under the sun. However, you need to understand that these celebrities have personal stylists. Furthermore, most of their clothes have been altered to fit their bodies. But there are a few guidelines that you can follow.  

Consider the Event

We understand that some of you may have the bodies that would make anything look good. But that does not mean you can wear anything you like. This does not give you the freedom to disregard rules. One of the most important factors you should consider when looking at your wardrobe is the event that you are attending. For instance, if you are going to church on Sunday you should probably shy away from midriff-baring tops. Thus similarly when going to work you should not look at your evening clutch bags Australia instead you should take a tote bag. This is an important rule to follow because you would be showing your respect to the host this way.

Consider You Age

We understand that this factor can be misunderstood in several ways. For an instance, if you are a 40-year-old grandmother we are not telling you to wear baggy dresses and oversized shoes. Instead, you need to understand how your body is ageing along with you. For instance, transparent tops may look gorgeous on young girls. It does so because they have the body for it. But one has to understand that as they age certain appendages begin to sag. Therefore, in that case, they should reconsider gauzy tops. Furthermore, this rule can also apply to accessories. You may see young women only carrying bedazzling great clutcheswith them in outlandish colours. In this case, we are not telling older women to stop carrying such accessories. Instead, we are recommending that they lean towards more high-quality pieces. We understand that some of you may be thinking that etiquettes are outdated and that there are no longer followed. But this is not true. Therefore make sure to refer to the above guide.