How To Make Your Wedding Stand Out And Memorable?

It always feels like someone or the other is getting married every day. While it may not be true in reality, we have to admit that more often than not, all these weddings start to blur together due to their similarities. Here’s how to make your wedding stand out…

Go for an unusual theme

Color themes are pretty common; in fact, it is only certain combinations that have not been tried out as wedding themes before. But colors are not the only theme that you can opt for. A destination wedding can count as a theme, but this too has been done quite a bit. Try to think out of the box. Get creative. At the very least, try to go for themes that are not usually associated with weddings; like movie themed, or themes of a different era.

Have it at a venue that is unexpected

If an unusual theme is a little hard to come up with, don’t worry too much about it. You could have your wedding at an unusual venue instead. If you choose a 50s theme, then choose a bridal that tallies with vintage dresses. A short frilly white dress with bright red shoes, and you are dressed for the theme. As for the venue, consider renting out a coffee shop and decorating it according to your theme. Likewise, you can have a beach themed wedding at a cave that you played in as a child, a story book themed wedding at the book store the two of you met at…simply by converting a place that means something to you into a wedding venue. Fair warning though, this is only possible for small weddings; so keep your guest list small.

Get your guests to dress according to your theme

What better way to keep your wedding in your guests’ minds than to get them to prepare for it well in advance. And how do you get them to do that without being lazy? Simply by getting them to dress according to the theme. 50s theme? recommend your favorite boutique clothing online to them, and ask them to dress accordingly. Story book theme? Ask them to dress according to their favorite book character. This simple thing will not only naturally make your big day more interesting for them, they will also be looking forwards to see what everyone else turns up in…!

Be creative with your cards and your wedding favors

Your wedding cards are what your guests see first about your wedding; and your wedding favors are what those tangible memories that your guests will take home with them. Make both of these special, memorable and unusual. This is one of the most natural ways to make sure your wedding stick to your guests’ memories.